Saturday, May 15, 2010

Two Excellent Tequila Cocktails

Long time no post. And even less frequent posting to come, I'm afraid. But I haven't given up yet! The other day I had a bunch of bitter oranges (above) lying around so I I made a tequila invention of mine I'd forgotten how good it is. In fact I have two tequila cocktail recipes to share after the jump, both mexicanizaciones of classic cocktails.

Bitter Orange Margarita
Some of you faithful readers may know that I am a fan of bitters and have made my own on occasion, leading to a certain small yet nonetheless outsized fame (I'll be featured in the summer 2010 issue of Edible Brooklyn, by the way—will post here when it's out.). One by-product of gathering bitter orange peel for making orange bitters is a lot of juice. Bitter orange juice is used for marinading meat in the Carribean, for example the simple and tasty Mayan pork chop preparation, poc chuc (pork chops or steaks marinaded with bitter orange juice, salt and pepper and not much more--unlike the recipes I'm finding online. It's also mixed with recado de achiote to make the marinade for the sublime cochinita pibil.
I've also found that it makes an excellent substitution for lime in a margarita. In fact, I'll make a stand and say that I like it as much if not more. Give it a try.

3 oz of tequila blanco (silver)
2 oz bitter orange juice
1 oz Cointreau
dash of orange bitters (optional)

Shake with ice and serve up or on the rocks, salted rim optional. I hadn't thought of a good garnish to go with this--bitter orange peel is pretty ruddy-looking--but I grabbed a spearmint sprig from our front stoop just so the photo wouldn't look too dull. Turns out it's a good choice, the little hint of mint complements the margarita nicely.

(BTW I suppose you can't mexicanize a Mexican cocktail. What this is is a yucatanización, ¡sí señor!)

This is a straight adaptation of a Manhattan, hence the name (I also like Manjatan). It's a simple switcheroo of tequila for rye but the result is a completely different drink. The quality and kind of tequila makes a big difference here. A reposado (gold) will be very good but I find it works even with a cheap white tequila like Viuda de Romero.

3 oz. tequila blanco
1 oz. sweet vermouth
2 dashes orange or angostura bitters

Shake with ice and serve up.


doug said...

Seville orange margaritas are a revelation. I stumbled onto this page after I googled the recipe to see if anyone else was on to it. I'm drinking one right now, made with the same 3-2-1 formula. Spread the word!

Matt Madden said...

Glad you were able to dig this up, Doug. ¡Salud!